“Give them their own TV show”


Sprout, the performance group, formed in 1998 and have done two Edinburgh Festivals, multiple improv festivals, art galleries and had a residency at The Canal Café. They also perform multiple formats – see below.

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Whether it’s a corporate event, an office party, or a birthday bash, improvised comedy is a great choice…it’s entertaining, interactive and, because it’s improvised we can tailor a show to your specific requirements.

Email us at or give us a call on 020 8923 2545 and we’ll help you choose which kind of show would be right foryour event.


A live ONLINE comedy show on zoom

Bringing you tomorrows fake news today!! Suggest news events, topics for investigating, objects, fake movie titles … in fact anything at all to shape the show. Create the news show that YOU would like to see. Turn off the news, and watch the news.


A peak behind the improv curtain

The performers dissect the art of improvisation in this show/workshop that is fun, entertaining AND interactive. Sprout break down the components of the performance and invite audience members to join them and explore how the creative and collaborative process works.
“A masterfully executed improv show not to miss.” London Post Live


Just like “Whose Line Is It Anyway”

Due to the popular TV show ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ this is the type of show most people think of when you mention improvisation. Its fast pasted and exciting with loads of audience interaction. There are a huge variety of games and scenes beyond those you may have seen on TV … from current affairs scenes performed with Shakespearean dialogue, to scenes performed completely backwards, and many many more.


The perfect improv show for a theatre”

Shout out a title and have it turned into a whole play. The improvised narrative is an amazing show. Watch as the performers create a cast of fantastic characters and effortlessly craft a full-length comedy show.  Add a pianist and you can turn the play into a musical!


Improvisation meets performance art.

“Take the pen and write on the whiteboard and see what happens.” This show is ideal for galleries and live events where people can drop-in and out of the performance.  A continuous montage of scenes and narratives usually inspired by written suggestions from the audience, but inspiration can come from a variety of sources. You can dip in for a few minutes or stay and see a whole progression of ideas.


Ideal for galleries & live events

As Sprout create a performance it is turned from something ephemeral into an actual work of art by a live illustrator.  The work can be cyclical with images inspiring performance and performance inspiring images.


Black comedy improv.

You want zombies or ghosts? You got it. You want serial killers or devil worshippers? You got it. This is comedy horror on demand as we create a whole improvised horror play based on audience suggestions. This is a Halloween favourite for obvious reasons. 


We create the characters, you control their destiny.

Audience suggestions are taken throughout the narrative at each cliff-hanger. (Who will Joanna have an affair with in the next scene? What is Phillip’s guilty secret? – you decide!)


Two long form plays.

A show with two halves – one a tale of love and one a tale of mystery. A favourite show at Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

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