SPROUT IDEAS run courses for all levels of ability, from complete beginners to experienced performers. Everyone can learn to become more creative, confident and spontaneous!

We’ve been teaching improvisation classes for over 20 years and when we started we expected our sessions to be full of actors and comedians. We couldn’t have been more wrong. There were actors & comedians but the vast majority of the people who came to our sessions were simply people who wanted to have fun, meet people, build more confidence, and get a chance to explore their own creativity.

As well as improvisation classes you’ll also find some other fun sessions we run – including Stand-Up Comedy for beginners and the werewolf game!

Why pick us?

Don’t take our word for it. Here is some of the feedback from our classes.

“Thanks again for the course. I have been doing presentations and have felt much more confident. I stood up in front of 200 people in London on Saturday. I felt amazing, confident and full of life.”

Richard Stanley

“Just to say a huge huge huge thank you for such an amazing weekend! I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I feel so inspired!!”

Lucy Bailey

“You guys run a great course that’s extremely welcoming and not too scary for complete beginners!”

Sam Aspin

“I think I learnt something from every part of the process. I think the big ‘switch’ for me was realising it didn’t matter if you failed to ‘succeed’ in a scene or game – failing was just as much fun!”

David Millard

“It was a great weekend and I had a great time and met awesome people. You guys were awesome.”

Ivan Neralic

“Dave was an exceptionally engaging tutor. He answered questions in an honest and open manner and provide clear reasons for the activities.”

Roshan Bhageerutty

“Best fun I’ve had in ages. Many people would benefit from stuff like this.”

Paul Lasky

“The whole weekend was great fun, with a brilliant bunch of people. The tutors were very encouraging and provided constructive criticism in a positive and beneficial way. I wholeheartedly recommend the course.”

Tim Redding

“Booking this workshop was by far the best choice I have made all year!!”

Caroline Gardiner

“I had big expectations about the workshop and was not disappointed … I really stepped outside of my comfort zone. I saw that my creativity limits are further than I thought.”

Jakub Pawłowski

“The course taught me a few unexpected lessons. I’m already trying not to use “Yes, but” in any conversation, and trying to feel comfortable trusting my instinct instead of second guessing myself.”

Ciara Owens

“It was one of the funniest weekends of my life … and the worst part of the course was going back home.”

Kevin Clifford

“Loved everything! Two people recommended the course to me and they were right.”

Penny Williams

“Really enjoyed it. Dave made sure everyone was involved and felt comfortable. He obviously knew his stuff whilst being really down to earth and laughed as much as the rest of us which was fab.”

Alison Reid

 Upcoming classes, book now!

Below you’ll find dates/times and prices for our forthcoming courses.
Click on the courses below for more information:

Level 1 – All Welcome

No experience necessary. These classes are open to everyone from complete beginners to more experienced people.

Level 2 – Intermediate

These classes do require a knowledge of improv basics. If you’ve completed a beginner’s course with us you should be fine. If in doubt email us or give us a call.

Level 3 – Advanced

These courses require a deeper knowledge of improvisation. They will go beyond basic and intermediate skills and so a reasonable amount of prior experience is required. If in doubt email us or give us a call.

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