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Whether it's an office party, a birthday bash or a corporate event, improvised comedy is a great choice...it's entertaining, interactive and, because it's improvised we can tailor a show to your specific requirements.

Dave Bourn and improvisers from SPROUT IDEAS have years of experience under their belts including 2 sell-out Edinburgh Shows in 2000 ('Give them their own TV show' - Metro) and 2004.

Promo material for Sprout show, Barking Theatre 2009

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We'll help you choose which kind of show would be right for your event.

The improvised games show
This is the type of show most people think of when you mention improvisation, due to the popular TV show 'Whose Line is
it Anyway?'.

Impro games shows are energetic and immense fun to watch, with a huge variety of games and structures beyond those you may have seen on TV...from current affairs scenes performed with Shakespearean dialogue, to scenes performed completely backwards. All based on audience suggestions - the audience can even get to join in some games, like 'Puppets' where two audience members move the performers quite literally like puppets, while the actors dialogue justifies whatever position they end up in!

Improvised scenes
Improvised scenes or 'Fishbowl' (so-called because all the audience suggestions used to be written down and collected in a glass fishbowl) are often included in improvised games shows too. The performers create comedy scenes that can be quite short (lasting a few seconds) or quite long (maybe several minutes) they may be unrelated to each other or connected, creating a mini-story.
A step up from mini stories is...

The improvised play
The improvised play (or narrative) is an amazing show. Watch as the performers craft a full-length story from just a few suggestions.

Variations include:

"The Untold Tales" - a show with two halves - one a tale of love and one a tale of mystery

"The Soap Opera" - we create the characters, you control their destiny. Audience suggestions are taken throughout the narrative at each cliff-hanger. (Who will the character, Joanna, be revealed to be having an affair with in the next scene? What is Phillip's guilty secret? - you decide!)

"Premiere" or "Three Beginnings - One Ending" - the audience give suggestions to help create 3 beginnings to a play - then they vote to see their favourite 'beginning' completed.

Ask us for more impro narrative formats.

The improvised musical
As in the musical games of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' the performers sing - but this time they create a whole musical!

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We'll help you choose which kind of show would be right for your event.


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