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SPROUT IDEAS run courses in impro for all levels of ability, from complete beginners to experienced improvisers.

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21st & 22nd Sep 19
Intro To Impro
(Weekend Workshop)
(£85 concs)
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Our classes are designed both as a way of learning improvisation skills and as pure fun!

All our classes are small in size (between 12 and 16 people) to guarantee the maximum practical involvement and tuition (and many classes have 2 tutors).

Check out details of our regular courses below:

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Introduction to Impro weekend
(level 1)

Relax as two of the SPROUT IDEAS team guide you through the essentials of improvisation. This course covers everything you ever wanted to know about how to improvise. The perfect place for beginners to start, indeed we recommend anyone new to SPROUT IDEAS begins here.

Click here for dates and more info on the "Introduction to Impro" weekend...

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Stand Up Course Stand Up Course

Stand-up comedy course
If you've always wanted to try out your jokes on an unsuspecting world (and let's face it who hasn't) then why not take your first steps into stand-up comedy under the guidance of senior award-winning comedian and trainer David James. The participants will become experienced with a microphone and dealing with an audience, be encouraged to develop their own style, and will receive plenty of feedback along the way aimed at preparing them for a short spot in a showcase in week seven.

Click here for dates and more info on the "Stand-up comedy" course...

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The Werewolf Game

The Werewolf Game
The Werewolf is a party game! It's easy to learn and fun to play. There's no board, few rules, just talking, thinking, pointing, bluffing and lying! The game is great for sharpening your critical faculties, communication and social skills. And its a great way to meet people.

Click here for dates and more info on "The Werewolf Game"...

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Impro games one-day workshop
(level 1+)

Once you've completed a beginners course, the best and easiest way to employ your new-found skills as an improviser is to learn a bunch of performance games. And you can do so right here under the guidance of an experienced improviser.

Click here for dates and more info on the
"Impro Games" one-day workshop...

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Impro scenes one-day workshop
(level 1+)

Once you are familiar with the basic skills of improvisation you can begin to explore improvised scene work in this specialised class under the guidance of an experienced improviser.

Click here for dates and more info on the
"Impro Scenes" one-day workshop...

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Further impro skills weekend
(level 2)

So you know how to improvise. Let two of the SPROUT IDEAS team show you how to refine and develop your skills beyond simple game play. From characters and emotions, through to status and environments. We'll show you how to create improvised scenes.

Click here for dates and more info on the "Further Impro Skills " weekend...

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Workshop to performance
(level 2)

Seven classes followed by a performance (8 weeks in total). You will hone your improvisational skills each week - learning new games and techniques and then get to display them in a performance.

Click here for dates and more info on the "Workshop to Performance " weekend...

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Scenes, storytelling & narrative skills (level 3)

Telling stories is the essence of any performance - whether it be in a one-minute scene or a short narrative, the same skills are required. Learn how to improvise stories together.

Click here for dates and more info on the "Narrative Skills" weekend...

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Improvised Singing
(level 2)

Nearly every SPROUT IDEAS show features some musical items or even a mini-musical complete with totally improvised songs - and just like all impro skills it's something that can be learned. Spend a day with the SPROUT IDEAS pianist and an experienced improviser and let them show you how.

Click here for dates and more info on the "Improvised Singing" workshops...

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Impro for teens and children
(level 1)

SPROUT IDEAS run impro courses for young people, both in conjunction with schools/colleges during term time and independently at weekends and during school/college holidays.

Courses are run by tutors who outside SPROUT IDEAS work also happen to be school teachers!

Click here for dates and more info on the "Impro for Teens & Children" workshops...

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Our current 'Wildcard' class...
Streetdance for uncoordinated adults

90 minute classes.

Streetdance is fun, but less so if you're an adult in a class of teenagers!

As a result, we're putting together a fun series of classes aimed at complete beginners and at ages 20 and over, of any fitness level. The emphasis is on fun routines, rhythm and movement and NOT on a high energy burn. Guys and girls are welcome!

The classes are due to start in October in Central London so join our streetdance mailing list now and we'll send you more info.

Click here for dates and more info on the "Streetdance for Uncoordinaated Adults" class...

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Courses Overview
Introduction to Impro
Impro Games
Further Impro Skills
Workshop to Performance
Scenes, Storytelling and Narrative
Improvised Singing
Dropin Classes
Impro for teenagers and children
Wildcard Courses
Stand Up Comedy Course
The Werewolf Game
Quotes from some of our past students

"You are outstanding teachers and obviously know what you are
doing! You manage the time and progression into the games really excellently. You are inspiring and
encouraging without a hint of patronisation."

Emma Wilmer

"Absolutely great fun...
Really well facilitated course."

John Brooker

"Very inspiring, I had a really enoyable
weekend, learning new games, improving my impro skills and networking with a
great bunch of people."

Helen Moore

"Great fun, like being
a kid again...the
course followed a
definite structure of games and tips
- very organised"

Ruth Doyle

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