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The 'Scenes & Storytelling' weekend
We'll show you more how to create fantastic improvised scenes and mini-narratives and also teach you a few games based on telling stories.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Anyone who has completed a beginner's impro course
  • Actors & performers
  • Improvisers who wish to refresh their existing skills

This course is not suitable for complete beginners

Tell me about the course
Games are a great way to start learning, practicing and performing because they give you a structure within which to work and often hoops through which to jump. This framework usually helps to drive the performance and often dictates an endpoint. We'll show you some game structures that help you build a story or narrative.

Beyond games, we'll look at completely improvised scenes and narratives with no gimmicks or structures to help (or restrain) you - from a few seconds up to a few minutes and how this might advance to an improvised play. With no structure, this can be both freeing and also scary. How do you begin? How do you find a story with two or more people offering ideas? How do you find an end? We'll show you.

We'll also continue to develop spontaneity and creativity as well as remove the habits that can limit success in impro.

Who are our teachers?
There will be TWO tutors - both regular performers and both experienced teachers who are used to teaching everyone from students at drama school, to trainee GPs and computer programmers. They are experts in providing a safe and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn, experiment and have fun.

Group Size
The group size is limited to 16 people so there is always a tutor to help if needed.

Booking a place
To book a place, please email us on info@sproutideas.co.uk or call us on 020 8923 2545.

The course costs £90.00 (£70.00 concs) for both days and we accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or secure online payment using credit or debit card.

Full details on how to pay will be sent to you when you book your place.

SPROUT IDEAS has a policy of being as inclusive as possible, but we regret that this course is not suitable for anyone with significant learning difficulties or visual impairment. If you have a disability, please tell us in advance and we'll let you know if there are any aspects of the course that you may find it difficult to participate in.

In addition, sadly courses held at 55 East Road are on the third floor and only accessible by stairs.


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3rd Floor
55 East Road
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Scenes Storytelling
and Narrative Skills:
£90.00 (£70.00 concs)
Email us or call us on
020 8923 2545 to book your place
Quotes from some of our past students

"Thanks for a great course! I learnt loads of new games/set-ups. You really praised the things we did well, but also showed us what we should work on."
Rebecca Webster

"I thought the course
was great fun and the tutors created a really great atmosphere where we could fail and not
feel bad."

Mark Conway

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