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The 'Intro to Impro' weekend
Relax as two of the SPROUT IDEAS team guide you through the essentials of improvisation. This course covers everything you ever wanted to know about how to improvise. The perfect place for complete beginners to start - indeed, we recommend anyone new to SPROUT IDEAS begins here.

Intro to Impro

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Complete beginners - interested in acting or performing or wishing to improve their communication skills and confidence.
  • Actors & performers new to impro.
  • Improvisers who wish to refresh their existing skills
    Even if you have some prior experience of impro, we usually recommend you start your journey here since everything we cover in subsequent courses is based on the core principles we introduce here.
  • In fact, this course is suitable for anyone who wants to try something new and have a fun weekend!
Tell me about the course
You'll learn all the rules that 'make impro work' and engage in exercises to develop the skills core to successful improvisation.

  • How to be more spontaneous
  • How to release your creativity (or how you block it!)
  • Being 'in the moment'
  • Improve your active listening
  • Teamwork (impro is not a solo activity) - create stories and ideas collectively

You'll learn that failure does not exist - only more or less successful ways of doing things.

Our 'Intro to Impro' course is 100% practical - the only way to learn it is to do it. So, you'll be on your feet 'doing' nearly all the time - in pairs and in small groups.

No previous experience of impro, acting or any kind of performance is required for this course. It is based on the work of Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone and our own understanding from years in the field of improvisation.

A key misconception that many people have about impro is that you have to 'be funny' to do it. You don't...but you will have lots of fun.

Who are our teachers?
There will be TWO tutors - both regular performers and both experienced teachers who are used to teaching everyone from students at drama school, to trainee GPs and computer programmers. They are experts in providing a safe and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn, experiment and have fun.

Group Size
The group size is limited to 16 people so there is always someone to help if needed.

Are you the sort of person to try Impro?
Here are some of the occupations of the students we have...

Computer Programmers, Journalists, Secretaries, Designers, Writers, Artists, Teachers, Street Performers, Market Researchers, Doctors, Business Analysts, Editors, Company Directors, Dancers, Cartoonists, Sales People, Communication Officers, Singers, Stock Managers, Actors, Nurses, Stand-up Comedians, Dentists, Accountants, DJs, Photographers, Negotiators, Child Minders, Schedule & Operations Executives, Students, Life-coaches, Economists, Film producers and Marketers, Holistic Massage Therapists, Admin assistants, Beauticians...

Booking a place
To book a place, please email us on info@sproutideas.co.uk or call us on 020 8923 2545. The course costs £110.00 (£85.00 concs) for both days and we accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or secure online payment using credit or debit card.

Full details on how to pay will be sent to you when you book your place.

Our Intro to Impro course is often repeated - if you have done the course before and wish to do it again you pay only the concessionary price of £85.00.

SPROUT IDEAS has a policy of being as inclusive as possible, but we regret that this course is not suitable for anyone with significant learning difficulties or visual impairment. If you have a disability, please tell us in advance and we'll let you know if there are any aspects of the course that you may find it difficult to participate in.

In addition, sadly courses held at 55 East Road are on the third floor and only accessible by stairs.


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Introduction to Improvisation
Impro Games
Further Impro Skills
Workshops to Performance
Scenes, Storytelling, Narrative
Improvised Singing
Dropin Classes
Impro for Teens and Children
Stand Up Comedy Course
The Werewolf Game
Forthcoming dates & venues:

5th & 6th Sep 20
10:30-17:30 both days

19th & 20th Sep 20
10:30-17:30 both days

19th & 20th Sep 20
10:30-17:30 both days

3rd Floor
55 East Road
N1 6AH

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Intro To Impro:
£110.00 (£85.00 concs)
Email us or call us on
020 8923 2545 to book your place
Quotes from some of our past students

"Having been slightly nervous beforehand, I
felt the atmosphere was always friendly and welcoming and we were encouraged to try out
new things. I really enjoyed it"

Gilly Cohen

"I had a wonderful
time, I felt it was a smooth introduction
to improvisation"

Z. Adner

"An exceptionally enjoyable and well structured two days -
one of the best
workshops I have ever attended. Exhausting
and exhilarating"

D. Barrington-Stefan

"Just to say a huge
huge huge thank you
for such an amazing weekend! I haven't laughed so much in
ages. I cannot express enough how fantastic it was, I feel so inspired!!"

Lucy Bailey

"Thanks again for the course. I have been
doing presentations and have felt much more confident. I stood up in front of 200 people in London on Saturday.
I felt amazing, confident and full of life."

Richard Stanley

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You can buy vouchers for the 'Introduction to Impro' (our most popular course) to give as a gift. These are valid for 16 months and allow the recipient to
choose the dates of the course they do. We have
an 'Intro to Impro' course approximately every 4-8 weeks.
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